How to Promote Your Music on Social Media Sites?

There are so many platforms and options waiting for musicians and their marketers to choose.

Twitter? Instagram? Facebook? Weibo? Snapchat?

Social Media Cloud. Photo: Mark Kens, CC BY 2.0

Knowing the proper way and right procedures to promote yourself or your brand/ band and the most important thing: your music on social media sites is still a real challenge for every musician.

Here are some tips for musicians to know what to do and what not to do:

🎶 Information Publishing

✔ Expose some personal information

Social media sites are bridges between you and your fans. In addition to your music and brands, they want to know more about your personal life behind the stage. They want to know your personality and feel like you’re talking to them directly and personally.

Some musicians who are really good at promoting themselves online, they will shape a whole new image for fans on their social media sites. They will post some personal thoughts and feelings, such as a cup of morning coffee, getting a new tattoo, or doing some touristy.

They also share their little secrets and details occasionally. Fans are always crazy about knowing every little bit more about the real you.

❌ Don’t take ‘personal’ too literally

Social media is a public space, especially for celebrities like you. Although you should share the ‘real you’ publicly, you should always know that some information can have negative influence on your reputation and damage relationships between you and your fans.

You have to set a limit or a bottom line of what not to share, such as your political stance or some extreme comments on sensitive heated social issues.

Screenshots can be made in just one second. Every words you said can be saved as an evidence which can not be erased.

Anti-fans are always a nightmare for musicians like you.

🎶 Interaction with your fans

✔ Showing care to your fans

Your care and any kinds of interaction will be a sincere feedback to fans who love you so much and always support your music.

You can post simple greetings like “Nice weather! How are you today?” on your sites. A new popular method to increase comments is asking questions on posts.

Also, you can choose to reply some comments from your fans, publish making film clips of your music video or behind scenes of your concerts.

Another good idea is paying close attention to fan arts.

One good example is Korean pop singer G-Dragon, he always closely follows fan artworks and reposts them on his Instagram.

Screenshot for G-Dragon’s Instagram: Fan art post. Credit: Instagram

Post contents can be divided in the following categories:

  • Latest information of your albums, videos and news
  • Concert rehearsal or recording scenes
  • Promoting teasers before tours or “come back”
  • Interesting things on the Internet

By publishing these, it makes your followers feel involved with the creation of your music, rather than being only a consumer or outsider.

❌ Don’t auto post or simply advertise

You should always write something unique on your official site, even it is a repost. Your followers don’t want to see repeated information, which will sometimes lead to unfollowing.

Stop monotonously advertising on a single or an album over and over again!

Unscrupulous bombing message is always a bad idea. Even the most loyal fans of yours have a chance of getting tired of same album cover, MV and tour schedule information.

Here are some loose posting guidelines to follow:

  • Facebook: four to seven times a week
  • Twitter: one to four times a day
  • Instagram: one to two times a week
  • Tumblr: one to four times a week

🎶 Choosing right social media platforms

✔ Customize your target fans

It’s a time-consuming task to manage many different social media platforms at the same time. However, under the wave of globalization, it is impossible to focus on fans in only one cultural circle.

Followers from different parts of the world have their own habits on social media.

For example, Weibo and WeChat are the most popular platforms for musicians and music fans in mainland China; Fans in North America mostly use Facebook official page, Twitter and Instagram.

Considering users active time section, platform functions and managing the methods to share contents across your different social media sites, these are all good for increasing your “discoverability”.

Choosing proper music APPs to sell your digital music. These apps allow fans to listen music directly from you.

❌ Don’t use @ crazily

It’s repeated and annoying, even you are a celebrity.




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